BEGINNER SKATEBOARD SESSIONS IS GOING TO BE HALTED STARTING MAY 1ST FOR THE SUMMER UNTIL FALL, Beginner Skateboard session for new and intermediate skaters is beginning again Saturdays 11-1, starting January 6th-MAY1ST, $13 for 2 hour of skating with an experienced skater. Helmet and full pads highly recommended and mouth guards recommended. Additional skating beyond 1:00pm has additional $3 fee. Minimum age 4, Restrictions may apply. No coupons.

BEGINNER SCOOTER SESSIONS ARE GOING TO BE HALTED STARTING MAY 1ST FOR THE SUMMER UNTIL FALL. Beginner Scooter lesson session for new and intermediate scooterers on Sundays  11-1, starting January 7th-MAY 1ST, $13 for 2 hours or scooting with an experienced scooter rider, helmet, knee and elbow pads highly recommended and mouth guard recommended. Additional scooting beyond 1:00 has additional $3 fee. Minimum age 4. Restrictions may apply. No coupons.

Black Mamba is going to be open


Monday April 16th 2018 11-9*

Tuesday April 17th  2018 11-9*

*Wednesday April 18th 2018  11-9*

Thursday April 19th 2018 11-9*

Friday April 20th 2018 11-9*

Saturday April 21st 2018 11-9*

Sunday April 22nd 2018 11-6*

*we may close early any day based on business, usually

no more than hour early. Please call ahead of coming close to closing time:) thank you 






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